Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2009 Mp3 updates

New Singles:

Erin McKeown - La Petite Mort.mp3
Erin McKeown - Queen of Quiet.mp3
Erin McKeown - You Mustn't Kick It Around.mp3
Jesca Hoop - Hunting My Dress.mp3
Maia Hirasawa - I woke up.mp3
Sarah Jaffe - Clementine.mp3
The Watson Twins - U-N-Me.mp3
Anais Mitchell - Way Down, Hadestown.mp3
April Smith And The Great Picture Show - Colors.mp3
Darwin Deez - Bad Day.mp3
Erin McKeown - The Foxes.mp3
Erin McKeown - The Rascal.mp3
Erin McKeown - To a Hammer.mp3
Erin McKeown - White City.mp3
Family of the Year - Treehouse.mp3
Fionn Regan - Protection Racket.mp3
Free Energy - Hope Child.mp3
Free Energy - Light Love.mp3
Her Space Holiday - Not Fade Away (buddy holly).mp3
Jesca Hoop - The Kingdom.mp3
Jesca Hoop - Tulip.mp3
Jukebox the Ghost - Temptation (New Order Cover).mp3
Lindsay Rae Spurlock - You Have My Heart.mp3
Locksley - The Whip.mp3
Los Campesinos - A Heat Rash In The Shape Of The Show Me State Or, Letters From Me To Charlotte.mp3
Los Campesinos - Romance is Boring.mp3
Los Campesinos - Straight in at 101.mp3
Los Campesinos - We've Got Your Back.mp3
Maia Hirasawa - Eleven.mp3
Maia Hirasawa - The wrong way.mp3
Marina And The Diamonds - Are You Satisfied.mp3
My Robot Friend - Robot High School.mp3
Nellie McKay - Crazy Rhythm.mp3
Nellie McKay - Dig It.mp3
Nellie McKay - Do Do Do.mp3
Pearl and the Beard - Oh, Death!.mp3
Spoon - Got Nuffin.mp3
Spoon - Written in Reverse.mp3
Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies - The Ballad of Cherry Hill.mp3
Swimming In Speakers - In Knowing.mp3
The Apples In Stereo - Dance Floor.mp3
Throw Television - F Is For Freakout.mp3
Throw Television - Inspiration.mp3
Title Tracks - Steady Love.mp3
Trevor Hall - Volume.mp3
Wiretree - Back In Town.mp3
Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar - Big Sur.mp3
Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar - California Zephyr.mp3
Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar - One Fast Move Or I'm Gone.mp3
Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar - San Francisco.mp3
Darwin Deez - Radar Detector.mp3
Erin McKeown - We Are More.mp3
It's a King Thing - Wine and Ponies.mp3
Jon And Roy - Little Bit Of Love.mp3
Jon And Roy - Sunday Market.mp3
Jon And Roy - What I Need.mp3
Josh Rouse - I Will Live On Islands.mp3
Pick A Piper - Rooms.mp3
Run Toto Run - Catch My Breath.mp3
She & Him - Thieves.mp3
Espionage of the Loc - My 5 Five Minute Dreams.mp3
Hollywood Undead - Black Dahlia.mp3
Hot Chip - One Life Stand.mp3
Motion City Soundtrack - A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help).mp3
Motion City Soundtrack - Her Words Destroyed My Planet.mp3
Motion City Soundtrack - History Lesson.mp3
Motion City Soundtrack - Stand Too Close.mp3
Motion City Soundtrack - Worker Bee.mp3
The BPA - He's Frank (slight return) feat. Iggy Pop.mp3
The BPA - So It Goes (feat. Olly Hite).mp3
The BPA - Toe Jam (feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal).mp3
The Dirty Heads - Easy.mp3
Goldfrapp - Rocket (Radio Edit).mp3
Riton and Primary 1 - Radiates.mp3
Alkaline Trio - Lead Poisoning.mp3
Alkaline Trio - Piss And Vinegar.mp3
Alkaline Trio - This Addiction.mp3
All Time Low - Weightless.mp3
Flobots Ft. Tim McIlrath - White Flag Warrior.mp3
The Dirty Heads - Lay Me Down.mp3
The Dirty Heads - Believe.mp3
The Dirty Heads - Chelsea.mp3

New Cd's:

mp3 cd's/Female Vocalists/Erin McKeown - Distillation
mp3 cd's/Female Vocalists/Erin McKeown - Hundreds of Lions
mp3 cd's/Female Vocalists/Jesca Hoop - Hunting My Dress
mp3 cd's/Female Vocalists/Lindsay Rae Spurlock - Heart On
mp3 cd's/Female Vocalists/Maia Hirasawa - GBGvsSTHLM
mp3 cd's/Female Vocalists/Nellie Mckay/Normal As Blueberry Pie- A Tribute To Doris Day
mp3 cd's/Indie Rock/Free Energy - Stuck On Nothing
mp3 cd's/Indie Rock/Throw Television - Demo
mp3 cd's/Indie Rock/Throw Television - Episode 1
mp3 cd's/Indie Rock Mellow/Jon And Roy - Another Noon
mp3 cd's/Indie Rock Mellow/One Fast Move Or I'm Gone - Kerouac's Big Sur
mp3 cd's/Punk/Alkaline Trio - This Addiction
mp3 cd's/Rock/Motion City Soundtrack/My Dinosaur Life
mp3 cd's/Rock/The BPA - I Think We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
mp3 cd's/Rock/The Dirty Heads - Any Port in a Storm

Promo Only & New cd's/00-va-promo_only_modern_rock_radio_february-2010.zip
Promo Only & New cd's/Blacklock's Indie Rock Playlist February 2010.zip
Promo Only & New cd's/VA-Promo_Only_Modern_Rock_Radio_January-2010-XXL-NewSceneFiles.net.rar
Promo Only & New cd's/VA-Promo_Only_Modern_Rock_Radio_March-2010-XXL.zip
Promo Only & New cd's/Various Artists - Blalock's Indie Rock Playlist January 2010.zip
Promo Only & New cd's/Various Artists - Blalock's Indie Rock Playlist March 2010.zip


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