Quest 2 Comfort:

From the factory, it’s not very comfortable, it’s much better with these extras:

Halo-style strap: $22 (SJK Model) or $40 for BoboVR model - Immediately purchase - so much more comfortable, distributes the weight off the front of your face,

VR Cover - Better padding for the front of your face to replace the silicone cover - $29

How to reduce/prevent Motion Sickness

Purchasing Content:

There are 3 main stores:

Oculus Store - Most Apps are here, you can sort and filter apps with this site:

App Lab - Oculus’ store for indie developers/beta/demos, you must use the exact link for these apps. You can sort and browse available apps here:


You can refund anything from the Oculus Store or App Lab if you’ve played less than 2 hours/ 2 weeks (max 5 refunds in 30 days). Just click on refund in your order history, it’s a good way to try and see what you like.

There is a daily deal on a different app each day, as well as a few duo packs each week, and a seasonal summer/winter sale.

Apps over $10 are eligible for a 25% Discount, let me know if you have a request.

Best Free Multiplayer:

Rec Room - tons of mini games, Co-op quests and escape rooms are the best game modes. Private games are better as this is overrun with kids.

Bigscreen - Watch video and movies with friends in virtual theater environments

TraVRsal: Amazing use of tricking your mind into thinking you have a much bigger playspace, no artificial locomotion - 1 to 1 walking

Tower Tag: User your body to dodge bullets around towers - no motion sickness

Ultimtechs: Like Rocket League in VR - 1v1 or 2v2 matches

Blaston: 1v1 slow-mo shooter, was $20 now free

Stack - up to 6 players battle by throwing discs

Grab - Parkour game with climbing, jumping, sliding and swinging

Aim XR - Military FPS shooter

VRChat - Social environment that has some of the weirdest stuff you'll find online

Best Paid Multiplayer (can play single player too):

Walkabout Mini Golf: $15 - Buy this 1st - Fun, relaxing, good for kids and adults - up to 5 players

After the Fall: $40 - 4-Player co-op zombie shooter, really fun

Beat Saber: $30 - great workout, 80k custom songs available, never goes on sale - Custom Song Setup

Loco Dojo Unleashed: $20 - Mario Party in VR, lots of mini games for up to 4 players

Crisis VRigade 2 - $20 - Time Crisis/ old school light gun arcade type game - no artificial motion, great 2 player co-op mode

Racket: NX: $20 / Free Demo - 3D competitive 1v1 and co-op racquetball with power-ups

Tetris Effect: Connected: $30 - Super trippy version of tetris with music that syncs to the the blocks, lots of multiplayer options

Space Pirate Trainer - $25 - This has an 1000sq ft Arena mode - like playing real physical lasertag

Decent Alps - $10 / Free Demo - Great skiing game

Guardians - $20 - Real Time Strategy + FPS combined with co-op missions - similar style to Starship Troopers

Contractors: $20 - Military FPS - pvp and co-op modes

Bocce Time! : $9: Great casual game, ideal for 2v2

Carly and the Reaperman: $20 - Asynchronous multiplayer - your friend plays on PC and you play in VR together

Catan VR - $15 - The Classic board game in VR, supports 4 players multiplayer

Potato Party: Hash it Out: $10 - Asynchronous multiplayer, take turns in 3d Charades on the headset and everyone can view/vote on their mobile devices

Demeo: $30 - DnD themed table-top game

Best Single Player:

Moss: $30 - Great 3rd person platformer where you solve puzzles and battle enemies with a cutemouse

I Expect you to Die and I Expect you to Die 2: $25/each - You are James Bond, great escape room/puzzle games

Resident Evil 4: $40 - The biggest selling VR game to date, it’s on my to-play list

Trover saves the Universe: $30 - from the writer of Rick and Morty, hilarious 3rd person adventure game

The Climb 2 - $30 - Very realistic climbing

Superhot: $25 - Slow-motion bullet time game

Maskmaker: 20 - One of the best adventures/puzzle games you can play

The Room VR: $30 - Great puzzler

Medal of Honor: $40 - Throwback to the original version, the single payer campaign is amazing with a huge variety of experiences

Shadowpoint - $20 - Great puzzle game narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart

To the Top: $20 - Amazing parkour game where you race to the top of crazy structures, primary single player campaign but does have multiplayer

Bang Bang Slice: Free - Shoot and slice your way through enemies - very similar to Superhot, but free

Lies Beneath - $30 - Scariest game you'll ever play, I can only play 15 minutes at at time - the sound design is excellent

Custom home mapper: $9 - turn your whole house into a game

Swarm - $25 - Grapple Shooter, fly around shooting enemies

Resist - $15 - action RPG where you swing around the city like spiderman

Best Animated films/experiences:

Lavrynthos: Free - Amazing non-euclidean maze that shifts time and space

Battlescar: Punk was invented by girls: $6 - One of the best - 30 minutes long, not for kids

Spheres: $10 - You actually go inside a black hole, voiced by Millie Bobby Brown, Jessica Chastain, and Patti Smith - don’t miss it

Wolves in the Walls: $9 - Emmy Award winning, great translation of Neil Gaiman’s book

The Multiverse Bakery - Tales from Soda Island: The best animated shorts made in Quill

Goliath: Playing with Reality: Free - Animated Grand Jury Prize winner at the Venice Film Festival

On The Morning You Wake (To the End of The World) - The story of what happened when a millions Hawai'i received a txt that a nuclear missile was minutes away

The Line: $5 - Emmy Award winner, diorama box style animation

Gloomy Eyes : $8 - Sundance winner, spooky tale

Paper Birds: $5 - Starring Archie Yates from Jojo Rabbit, another charming animation

Baby Yaga: $6 - Starring Kate Winslow, Glenn Close, and others

Best Video films/experiences:

Click on 3 dots, and cache high quality version for the best 8k resolution

Dave Attenbourough: He has several amazing specials, start with First Life - the underwater scenes are incredible

Megan Thee Stallion Concert: Incredibly realistic video with interactive elements - best way to do concerts I've seen, though it's a bit explicit

Ayahuasca VR: Free - The closest you’ll get to tripping without chemicals, just mind-blowing. Don’t watch in Venues, search in Oculus TV for the 360 degree version.

BRINK Traveler: $10 - Visit scenic sights around the world in stunning resolution

My Videos - I personally filmed these with my 360 camera

Cirque du Soleil: $7 - Way better seats than you can pay for, has 5-6 experiences

Blink: travel around the world in super high resolution

Anne Frank House: Free - Interactive house exploration, I’ve heard better than in seeing in person

Everest VR: Free - 3 part documentary that let’s you experience Evereset

Felix & Paul Studios: Free/some paid - The best VR filmmakers right now, lots of quality content

David Attenborough’s Micro Monsters: Free - Series on insects in incredible detail

The Slow Mo Guys - Free - Search Oculus TV to watch, great effects

Best for Grandparents/Older users:

BRINK Traveler: $10 - Visit scenic sights around the world in stunning resolution

Walkabout Mini Golf:: $15 - Buy this 1st - Fun, relaxing, great to play with as a family

Dave Attenbourough: Free - He has several amazing specials, start with First Life - the underwater scenes are incredible. The other video experiences above are also recommended.

Puzzling Places: $15 - Jigsaw puzzles in 3D, multiplayer coming later this year

Alcove: Free - Watch videos and play classic games together

Wooorld: $15 - Like Google Maps for VR, visit childhood neighborhoods or any location in the world.

Catan VR - $15 - The Classic board game in VR, supports 4 players multiplayer

Other Recommendations:

Chromecast - Sends your video to your tv so others can watch while you play

Quest Game Optimizer - $5 - Increase the resolution of your Quest for better graphics

USB Battery Pack - Great to keep playing when your battery dies, play with it in your pocket or mount it on the back of the strap for a counter-weight

3D Printed Golf Club - Great upgrade for Walkabout and TopGolf

Multiple Quests - Make sure you setup app sharing so all your purchases are available on both headsets

Glasses Users - Be sure to use the spacer to avoid scratching the lenses, or buy prescription lens adapters from a company in the link for a much better experience

Best PC VR (High powered graphics card required):


For best quality and least latency use a 15ft USB-C cable: $15-$60 on amazon,

-higher priced ones are lighter/thinner

You can also use wireless, it’s recommended to have a dedicated access point for the Quest - latency and visuals are not as good as a cable, better for slower paced games.


Viveport: $9-13/month - The best way to try lots of games if you are new to PCVR. They also have tons of VR movie and film festival stuff.

Half-Life :Alyx: $30-60 - The best VR game there is. Once you’ve finished the main campaign there are 100’s of excellent custom maps.

Eye of the Temple: $18-20 or free demo: Indiana Jones style unique game with no artificial motion.

Maskmaker: $20 or viveport: Great adventure puzzle game, one the best I’ve ever played

Cross-buy: Many Quest games are cross-buy, so you get the PCVR version free. Typically the PCVR game will look much better - After the Fall is 30GB vs 3GB for the native quest version.