Quest New User Guide

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Gibby's Guide to the Quest 2 - Magazine with latest Releases

Motion Sickness Tips

Best Meta TV 360 Videos:

David Attenborough Videos - 8k Nature

Miketunes 360 Videos - Filmed by me - EUC (electric unicycle), Bike Party, concerts, ect

Hugh Huo - Travel and Music shot on high end 8k cameras

Tales from Soda Island - Amazing Animation

Everest VR: Journey to the Top of the World - Exciting

Streaming Oculus TV 360 Videos Guide:

  • Click links on Computer or Mobile Device

  • Make sure your logged into the same Facebook /Meta account as your headset and click watch later

  • Open Oculus TV in your headset and view saved

  • Click on 3 dots, and cache high quality version for full 8k resolution

  • You can also create a Watch Party to watch with friends - they just have to accept the notification to see the video