Videos & Experiences

Best Meta TV 360 Videos (Free):

Click on 3 dots, and cache high quality version for the best 8k resolution
Click Watch later in browser, then it will be in saved items in Quest

David Attenborough Videos  - 8k - Several amazing specials, start with First Life - the underwater scenes are incredible
Miketunes 360 Videos - Filmed by me - EUC (electric unicycle), Bike Party, concerts, ect
Hugh Huo - Travel and Music shot on high end 8k cameras
Metaverse Stage - 8k Music and Dance Video
Everest VR: Journey to the Top of the World - Exciting

Best of VR Animation Player (Free):

The Multiverse Bakery - Tales from Soda Island: The best animated shorts made in Quill

Very Cavalier: Female Led animations featuring fables

DanelPeixe - Check out the Remedy and others

Nightmara - Only an 11 year old girl can save the world

Rebels - Animals live as hmuman in another world

Best Animated Apps:

Battlescar: Punk was invented by girls: $6 - One of the best - 30 minutes long, not for kids

Wolves in the Walls: $9  - Emmy Award winning, great translation of Neil Gaiman’s book

Goliath: Playing with Reality: $6 - Animated Grand Jury Prize winner at the Venice Film Festival

On The Morning You Wake (To the End of The World) - Free -The story of what happened when a millions Hawai'i received a txt that a nuclear missile was minutes away

The Line: $5 - Emmy Award winner, diorama box style animation

Lavrynthos: $4 - Amazing non-euclidean maze that shifts time and space

Visionarium: $9 - Super-trippy dance music video experience, amazing visuals

Spheres: $10 - You actually go inside a black hole, voiced by Millie Bobby Brown, Jessica Chastain, and Patti Smith - don’t miss it

Recombination: $35 - Not cheap, but the most amazing fractal images you'll ever see

Gloomy Eyes : $8 - Sundance winner, spooky tale

Paper Birds: $5 - Starring Archie Yates from Jojo Rabbit, another charming animation

Baby Yaga: $6 - Starring Kate Winslow, Glenn Close, and others 

Best Video Apps:

Megan Thee Stallion Concert: Incredibly realistic video with interactive elements - best way to do concerts I've seen, though it's a bit explicit

JFK Memento: $9 -  Multimedia documentary about the JFK assisnation

Amaze VR Concert: More artists from the same team as Megan the Stallion, free demo or paid options for full shows

BRINK Traveler: $15 - Visit scenic sights around the world in stunning resolution

Ayahuasca - Kosmik Journey:  6 - An unparalleled VR film that offers a transcendental dive into the powerful visions induced by ayahuasca,

Anne Frank House: Free - Interactive house exploration, I’ve heard better than in seeing in person