Best Action:

Eye of the Temple: $20 - Indiana Jones like game where you physically walk the whole game, amazing technological feat - highly recommend

Beat Saber: $30 - great workout, over 100k custom songs available

Moss 1 & 2:  $20 - Great 3rd person platformer where you solve puzzles and battle enemies with a cute mouse

Resident Evil 4: $40 - The biggest selling VR game to date, it’s on my to-play list

Trover saves the Universe: $30 -  from the writer of Rick and Morty, hilarious 3rd person adventure game

The Climb 2 - $30 - Very realistic climbing

Nano: $20 - Real biological science is used to cure an infection, go into the human body - great fun and educational

Superhot: $25 - Slow-motion bullet time game

Arizona Sunshine 2: $50 - Full Zombie campaign with 2 player co-op mode

Medal of Honor: $40 - Throwback to the original version, the single payer campaign is amazing with a huge variety of experiences

To the Top: $20 - Amazing parkour game where you race to the top of crazy structures, primary single player campaign but does have multiplayer

Bang Bang Slice: Free - Shoot and slice your way through enemies - very similar to Superhot, but free

Lies Beneath - $30 - Scariest game you'll ever play, I can only play 15 minutes at at time - the sound design is excellent

Swarm - $25 - Grapple Shooter, fly around shooting enemies

Amit Evil: $20 - Old school doom/quake style shooter, can be dizzying - recommend chewing gum while playing

Resist - $15 - action RPG where you swing around the city like spiderman

Hubris - $30 - Sci-fi adventure with geourgeous swimming and fun climbing mechanics

Marvel's Iron Man: $30 - Must-have for fans of the series

Best Adventure/Puzzle:

Call of the Sea: $20 - Solve an underwater mystery

Not for Broadcast: $25 - Unique app where you run a tv station deciding what gets on the air

I Expect you to Die Series : 1, 2, 3: $25/each - You are James Bond, great escape room/puzzle games - plays sitting

Maskmaker: 20 - One of the best adventures/puzzle games you can play

The Room VR: $30 - Great puzzler

Shadowpoint - $20 - Great puzzle game narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart

Floor Plan 2 - 30 - Terrific funny adventure puzzle game built around an elevator

A Fishermans' Tale 1 & 2: $15-$25 - Adventure puzzle game controlling a miniature version of yourself

Broken Spectre: $13 - Hand-tracking mystery adventure

The 7th Guest VR: $30 - Great remake of 90's game - basically 17 mini-escape rooms

Red Matter 1 & 2: $25-30 - Sci-fi mystery, best graphics of any Quest title

We Are One: $20 - Solve puzzle with clones of yourself

Secret of Retropolis and Retropolis 2: $10-25 - Detective Noir mystery

Best Tower Defense:

Towers and Powers: $17 - Tower defences game with God powers

Captain ToonHead vs The Punks from Outer Space: $20 - Another great tower defense game, has a first person component

Iron Guard: $15 - Tower Defense game, very difficult

Call the Wizards!: $10 - Classic tower defense, quite hard

Toy Monsters: $15 - Plants vs Zombies on your real table with hand tracking and mixed reality

Best Mixed Reality (Quest3 recommended):

I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home: Free - Mini-mission in your living room

First Encounters: Free - Shoot fun aliens in your room

Cryptic Cabinet: Free - AR Escape room, can be played multiplayer too